Monday, November 22, 2010

So, I almost got in a car accident...

While driving to work this weekend, I got distracted, and nearly got myself into an automobile accident.
The distraction? 

My newly cleaned promise ring.

I had cleaned it earlier that day, with an at home jewelry cleaning liquid. So today I'd like to talk about how to clean different types of jewelry. 
  • The first option is to buy a gold cleaning liquid. Most store bought cleaning solutions are an ammonia mixture, where you simply soak the item for about half an hour and use a provided scrub brush to get between the grooves and stones. Rinse under warm water, and pat dry.
  • The second option is to use dish soap mixed in warm water. Scrub the item with an old toothbrush, and rinse with warm water.
Sterling Silver:
  • Your best bet: Using toothpaste and a soft cloth to scrub the item will clean any tarnish because it's abrasive but not too rough. Let it sit for about a minute. Then rinse with water and DRY WELL with a clean cloth.
Plated jewelry
  • ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals, toothpaste, or water! Plated jewelry cannot come into contact with water or chemicals because it will tarnish. And tarnishing cannot be removed! Your only real option is to use a DRY toothbrush or a CLEAN microfiber cloth.
I hope this aids you in your jewelry cleaning endeavors! 

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